Your water bill came back this month and it’s SO much higher than you expected. Is it really that expensive to brush your teeth and take a bath? Saving money is a great way to provide for your future and it gives you the freedom to pay for other things you may need.

Here are five ways you can cut down your water bill starting today!

Cut back on the baths: You might think that showers require more water than baths but it’s actually the opposite. An average bathtub uses about 70 gallons of water to fill up while the average shower only uses 10-20 gallons. Wow that’s a huge difference! Think about picking up some shower gel instead!

Time your showers: Timing your shower can be super effective in saving money! Set a timer for yourself to shower and try to cut down on how long it takes you to get everything done. Not only will this will save you time before heading to work but your water bill may see some positive effects as well.

Wash with cold water: Yes, you’ll still be paying for water but it will be much less expensive. Using cold water for laundry loads will reduce your water heating bill by quite a bit. Plus, cold water will prevent your clothes from shrinking! Try to wash only full loads of laundry to save even more of your bill.

Watch your dish washing: It is said that kitchen faucets and dishwashers account for anywhere between 8 to 14% of a home’s utilities. Many dishwashers are made to use the least amount of water for the most amount of clean. If you don’t have a dishwasher, no worries! Just fill up the bottom of your sink with some soapy water and wash your dishes without letting the water run.

Use your gutters: Strategically align the ends of your gutters with plants that need the most water. Or, have the gutter water empty into a larger watering can. That way you can re-use the rain water and keep your plants happy!

Your monthly water bill is a necessary cost since we all have to use water. However, there are lots of ways to cut back your water bill, save some money, and put a little more in your savings account each month. A more prosperous life starts with a few extra pennies in the bank.

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