I don’t know about you but I absolutely love saving money. When the cashier hands me my receipt and it shows me exactly how much money I saved, I’m practically giddy. Strange? Probably, but at least I know I’m not alone! In an age where smart phones are all the rage and everything is expensive, using apps to help you save money just makes sense.

After a bit of research, here are a few ways you can use apps to help you stretch your money and get a little closer to living your dream:

Save on Gas. Let me guess: you just filled your tank, feel good about the deal, and now your heart sinks as you pass a station $0.04 cheaper. Been there done that. The good news is there are several apps out there that can help you find the best price around. For example, the Gas Buddy app constantly tracks the prices of each gas station in your area and updates you on which one is the cheapest depending on your route. Even a few cents make a difference!

Save on Groceries. You may have tried couponing before and found that you just don’t like to take the time to look through daily papers, or maybe when you tried it before you had very little success. Thankfully there are several apps out there that can help you save money at the store for just taking a picture of your receipt! Apps like Berry Cart, Ibotta, MobiSave, or Checkout51 could be a good place to start.

Save at Restaurants. I don’t know about you but when I was a kid, I would eat about 10% of my $10.00 meal and then just stare at the rest of it whilst refusing to eat anymore. There are many restaurants that will offer half-sized entrees for half the price, which is a great option for kids. Many others even offer kids specials or “kids eat free” deals! Call your local restaurants before heading out, or look for an app like Out To Eat With Kids to find these deals for your little ones!

Save on Parking. There’s nothing worse than paying for parking. Can we all agree on that? Cities are especially difficult because parking garages will take advantage of people who aren’t used to the area. Check the hours of your city’s parking meters and public lots, or find a parking app like Best Parking, which maps out all the public parking in your area and shows you the cheapest rates depending on your arrival time.

Save on Shopping. Want to earn cash back just for shopping? Whether you’re running errands or hitting the mall for a shopping spree, there are many apps that will give you points just for visiting a store. For example, the app Shopkick allows you to earn points or “kicks” that are redeemabled for giftcards–just for walking into certain stores, scanning barcodes, purchasing things with your Visa or Mastercard, or scanning in your receipts. Don’t forget to take advantage of your favorite store’s rewards cards, email promotions, and receipt surveys. Using multiple methods to get deals will add up!
It’s way easier than you think to get great deals and provide for your family at the same time. That extra money you save will give you the freedom to save up for a more successful future. Plus, no more sighing at the end of the checkout aisle. So what are you waiting for? Get going on those savings!

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