You don’t need to break your bank on expensive fitness classes to stay in shape!

Here are some tips for healthy living on a budget that will put you on a path to wellbeing and living your #bestlife in no time!

  1. Track Those Calories – Just like budgeting, measuring the amount of food you take in each day can really help you analyze the big picture and make better choices. There are plenty of free calorie-tracking apps out there to help you log what you eat, such as MyFitnessPal and YouFood, which can help you stay organized as you work to reach your personal fitness goals.
  2. Exercise Made Easy – You don’t have to run a marathon or belong to an elite gym to stay in shape. Find something you like to do and stick to it! Simple exercise like running, lifting weights, swimming or hiking – even walking for just 30 minutes a day – could have terrific benefits for your health.
  3. Pack a Lunch – While going out to eat or grabbing pre-packaged meals might be convenient, these quick options often contain added sugar and more calories than you would consume thanif you made lunch yourself. Take control of your diet and save money too, by packing your own lunch for work! These tips for meal planning can help you get started.
  4. Download an App – Free and low-cost apps like Couch to 5k, Yoga Wake Up and the Nike + Training Club will help you get started on your fitness journey without breaking the bank. Best of all, most of these apps don’t even require equipment. Just lace up your shoes, plug in your earbuds and you’re ready to go!
  5. Join a Fitness Community – Groups like the November Project andNike Run Club are free, easy to join and can help you make new friends as you work on your fitness journey together. You can also:
  • Do research in your city or town to find out if an athletic store like Lululemon, Nike, Pacers or Athletica offers free classes.
  • See if your local community center offers free or discounted work-out programs and classes.
  • Check if there’s a fitness group you could join in your local church or religious organization.
  • Ask your neighbors if they would be interested in starting a group that meets weekly, where you can hold each other accountable and work out together.

The possibilities are endless! No matter your budget, there are many ways to maintain (and increase) your fitness levels so that you can be a healthy, happy, productive member of your community.

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