Yes, another little holiday is coming our way and I know what you’re thinking, “I want to do something special for my loved one, but I can’t afford more gifts for people! Wasn’t Christmas enough?”

I get it! Holidays can put a lot of pressure to get expensive, meaningful gifts for people. But I’m here to tell you that gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. If doing something special means a lot to you, there are plenty of ways to show you care without breaking the bank! Here are a few cheap and easy gifts that your valentine will love!

“I love you because” book: Everyone enjoys knowing why they’re lovable! This little book is so cheap it can be made out of any paper and pen you have lying around. Think of a cute reason you love them, write it down, and draw a quirky picture describing that reason. For example: “I love you because you’re a great cook” and I would draw a little plate of spaghetti next to it. Easy right? And they will absolutely love hearing why you appreciate them!

Food and candy: Does this even need an explanation? Everyone loves food and I mean EVERYONE. Weather its candy with puns written on it, cupcakes with red sprinkles, or heart shaped pizza, you can’t go wrong with food. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and you probably already have the ingredients at home. I’ve even seen rose bouquets made out of bacon slices so hey, whatever works!

Don’t have access to a kitchen? Make some no-bake cookies and throw in some red candies! Easy as pie.

Decorate their car before work: If you haven’t noticed, Valentine’s Day falls on a work day this year. Bummer right? Well maybe not! An awesome way to surprise your loved one the morning of is to sneak in their car while they’re getting ready for work, arrange a couple blown up balloons, throw a bag of candy in there, and tape some paper hearts all over. It may be a little cheesy but it’s a full proof way to make them smile!

“Open When” Letters: This is a great gift for anyone but especially for long distance relationships. All you do is write a few letters to your significant other giving them encouragement, comforting them, whatever they need. For example: “Open When You Need to Laugh” and on the inside, list a whole bunch of funny facts, knock knock jokes, puns, anything that will make them smile. You could also write “Open When You’re Sad” or “Open When We’re in a Fight.” The possibilities are endless!

Photo collage: If you’re anything like me you probably have about a million pictures on your phone of you and your loved one. Time to put those pictures to good use with a photo themed gift! Lots of popular stores have photo departments where you can create calendars, custom mugs, collages, pretty much anything you can imagine. Even if you print a couple meaningful moments and place them in a cheap frame your cutie will love it!

Cuddly blanket: This is a great gift to keep your loved one all snuggled up! Although this might require you to make a quick trip to the fabric store, this fleece blanket can be made extremely inexpensive. Just pick out two fabrics that look good together, have them cut to about 2 yards each, and cut slits in the sides to tie them together. No sewing required and it will be truly useful for them through these cold winter months.

A memory box: I bet you have lots of treasured memories and adventures of your relationship and Valentine’s is a great day to relive those memories! Grab any kind of shoebox or simple box you have laying around the house, decorate it with whatever craft paper you can find, and stuff it full of cute reminders. Some ideas include: movie ticket stubs, pictures from fun dates, old letters to each other, anything you want! This gift is completely customizable and is super fun to look through together.

By no means does Valentine’s Day need to be expensive. You can easily make your sweetheart feel loved while still responsibly managing your money. Homemade gifts are the best kind of gifts anyway so have fun, get creative, and show some love this Valentine’s Day!

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