Managing your time can be extra stressful with an early morning rise. All you want to do is sleep, is that such a crime? Trust me I feel your pain. But taking advantage of those extra minutes in the morning can contribute to a more positive and productive day. After all, the most empowered person is one who is free to live as they wish—those who have the knowledge and means to pursue the life they want.

Try some of these tips for those mornings where you want just 5 more minutes.

Morning Yoga: No, you don’t have to be flexible to do this! Morning yoga is great for energizing your body and putting your mind in a positive place. There are sequences online for both beginners and advanced so you will feel totally comfortable being a yogi!

Make your bed: Making your bed immediately when you get up not only eliminates the option of crawling back in, it also gives you the satisfaction of completing a task first thing in the morning. This subconsciously sets you up for success the rest of the day and encourages you to keep completing tasks.

Distant Alarm: The snooze button is oh-so-tempting and if you’re anything like me, you hit that button at least 5 times each morning. That’s why it’s a good idea to move your alarm to the other side of the room each night. When you hear it in the morning you will have to physically get up, walk across the room, and turn it off which will immediately wake you up.

Lots of Sunlight: You could keep the curtains open through the night or open them right when you get up but either way, the sun is your friend! Your body knows that the bright sun means it’s time to rise and shine (pun intended). Plus, vitamin D can lead to higher serotonin levels, lower blood pressure, and much more. So soak in those morning rays!

Plan Something: Whether it’s your favorite cup o’ joe, a warm shower, or an awesome playlist, plan to do something fun in the morning. It’s a lot easier to get up when you can look forward to a yummy plate of pancakes!

Chug Some Water: Snoozing for 8 hours with no water can cause mild dehydration which contributes to morning grogginess. Have a tall glass of water next to your bed each morning and chug it right when you wake up. This will rehydrate you and give your body the jumpstart it needs to start the day!

Fun Alarm: “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” Not exactly the most comforting is it? You want to wake up to a positive outlook so try switching your alarm tone to one of your favorite songs. I enjoy doing this because I catch myself singing along to my alarm as it wakes me up!

You’re not alone, early mornings are hard for most people. But finding a way to take advantage of that morning time while still keeping a smile is so helpful for a successful life. What you do with every minute is your choice. And when people have the freedom to choose where to spend their time, they will thrive! Time to be productive and give yourself a head start in time management!