Americans for Prosperity Foundation is dedicated to educating and training citizens to be courageous advocates for the ideas, principles, and policies of a free society—knowing that leads to the greatest prosperity and wellbeing for all—especially the least fortunate.

What we believe

We know that happiness and wellbeing rest in the endless opportunities created by freedom and the power of individuals to choose what is best for themselves and their families.

We want to inspire those around us to own their lives and live as they see fit, so that prosperity can be extended to every aspect of their life, especially every individual’s own health and wellbeing.

Who we are

Our Foundation consists of a team of people from all different backgrounds, beliefs, and styles. We all come together to help spread freedom because we believe free countries, free societies, and free people give everyone the best opportunities to pursue happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

More about us

What we do

By partnering with local communities, we share knowledge and skills on a personal level at local events to meet individual needs.

We currently host events in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Visit our Blog to find online resources, tips, and inspiration to become the best version of yourself.

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Our History

For over twenty years, Americans for Prosperity Foundation has been educating and training citizens to be advocates for freedom, producing real change on the local, state, and national level.

There is a direct link between the freedoms that people enjoy and their overall quality of life, but it can be hard to live free in a struggling economy with so much regulation and red tape. How can I make ends meet or put food on the table for my family? How do I know my child is receiving a good education?

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