Struggling to pay off large amount of debt can sometimes seem like an impossible task. But with the right resources, a laptop and a little entrepreneurship, big things can happen.

Some bloggers write about makeup, fashion, dogs or politics—and make money doing it! Some of the best blogging success stories, though, are from people who have written about their journey out of debt, and now make money helping others achieve financial success. 

For Millennials Struggling with Student Loans…

…there is Millennial Boss. She started her personal blog as a way to track her debt payoff. Millennial Boss managed to pay off $89,000 in student loan and consumer debt in just 18 months by increasing her income, reducing her daily expenses and monetizing her blog!

Now she writes about how she made the journey and makes six figures working full-time using the tools she mentions on her site. She also makes up to $3,000 extra a month just by monetizing her online content.

To read more about Millennial Boss, check out her blog here.

A Go-To for Out-Of-Work Graduates

Melanie, the author of Dear Debt, paid off $81,000 of student loan debt. After getting bachelors and master’s degrees using student loans, Melanie struggled to find a job with her degree in Theater and racked up some serious debt.

She eventually decided to try self-employment. And it worked! In 2015, she became debt-free. Melanie now works freelance as a speaker, copy writer, brand connector, editor and side hustle coach.

Visit Dear Debt here to read more about Melanie’s journey to a debt-free, minimalist lifestyle and self-starter career.

Married to Debt? 

Jackie Beck’s blog, The Debt Myth, details how one woman and her husband paid off more than $147,000 in debt—including their mortgage.

She even developed an app called Pay Off Debt that has helped over 50,000 people achieve a debt-free lifestyle.

Now, Jackie gets paid to speak at conferences and has had her work featured in media outlets like Oprah.comForbes and Huffington Post.  

Follow this link to learn more about The Debt Myth

Passion to Profit

Although most people don’t have a passion for debt per se, many enjoy teaching others how to be debt-free. You can help people too! Your blog doesn’t have to be about financial success, either. Are you good at something other people struggle with? Have you considered writing about it? 

Starting and monetizing a personal blog can be challenging, but it is possible. In fact, Millennial Boss has a blog post about how to start your own blog on a budget! Check it out here


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