Gustav Dose is a master of his craft. He’s spent the better part of his life dedicated to one passion – brewing beer. He’s traveled and studied around the world, perfecting traditional brewing methods and adding his own personal touches to his brews. These days, he’s living out his dream, sharing his beer with the community around him in Bozeman, Montana. 

We got to catch up with Dose recently at his new venture, Mountains Walking Brewery. Bridge to Wellbeing hosted “Passion to Profit – Brewing Freedom” at Dose’s brewery to highlight the success that can be found when a passionate person puts their talents to work.

Dose put in the work to make Mountains Walking Brewery a place for great beer, food, and service. But innovation like Dose’s is often restrained by rules and regulations. Thanks to vocal business owners and citizens, Montana is becoming a friendlier state for brewers like Dose. 

Microbrewing is quickly taking over the beer world. While large national breweries are seeing flat sales, microbreweries are growing and thriving. According to CircleUp’s William Dowling, in 2017, “craft beer is currently a $23.5 billion market and growing at 6% annually in volume, compared to 0% volume growth for the beer industry as a whole.” Montana plays a huge role in the craft beer movement; the Montana Brewers Association reported that there are 73 breweries in the state with 12 more in the works. 

That is a massive industry born out of innovation and entrepreneurship that should be uninhibited by needless regulations. Through Passion to Profit, Bridge to Wellbeing was excited to share just one of these stories of how through hard work and innovation any one can overcome challenges and find success. 

There’s more work to be done to ensure brewers like Dose can follow their passion and positively impact the community, but we’re optimistic that Montana will be a great home for brewers and business owners like him.