Last week Bridge to Wellbeing partnered with veterans groups and business experts in Missoula, Montana for its first Vetrepreneurship Workshop. More than 75 veteran business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs spent the day learning how to start and sustain their own businesses in Montana.

Small business leaders from around Montana pooled their knowledge to empower veterans with the tools to succeed, offering advice on marketing, financial management and creating business plans.

Many of the presenters were veterans themselves and shared their experiences of failure and success in fields like mental health and wellness, consulting, contracting, barbering and charitable nonprofits. They discussed their lessons learned and resources they’ve used to drive their businesses.Speakers included Tim Donahue, a Vietnam veteran and adjunct professor at Montana State University, Seth Jordan, secretary of the board of Bunker Labs, Founder of Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, and an Afghanistan veteran, Nathan Hansen, Re:Industries consultant and Iraq War veteran and Rep. Jack Bergman, a Vietnam veteran, three-star general and member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Their collective knowledge, spanning decades, and wide-ranges of experience gave veterans important insight into business and leadership.

Veterans bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge with them to any job. In partnership with the Concerned Veterans to America Foundation and local businesses, Bridge to Wellbeing is helping veterans translate their technical and leadership skills into thriving, successful businesses.


Vets in Montana have strong support from local business experts, members of Congress and groups like ours. We’re looking forward to what these veterans are going to accomplish in Montana!

Learn more about Bridge to Wellbeing events in your area and the Concerned Veterans for America Foundation.