Today, Oct. 5 is World Teachers Day, an international day of observance set aside to focus on the role teachers play in educating children and their status around the world.

Teachers have an incredible influence on children’s lives. From learning how to read to understanding calculus, kids owe much of what they know to the men and women who dedicate their lives to teaching them. Many look back on their elementary and high school teachers as figures who inspired hobbies, habits and careers.

All over the world, teachers educate their children in different ways. The United States is no different. We have dedicated teachers who share their knowledge in the classroom, on the internet or even at the dining room table. Just check out all the ways teachers reach kids in the United States:

  • Public schooling – Teachers in public schools educate children within the boundaries of a school district. Their class sizes tend to be larger than other kinds of schools, but public school teachers often go above and beyond to connect with their kids.
  • Private schooling – Private school teachers have chosen to work in schools that are privately funded rather than government subsidized. These teachers often chose private schools that are religious so they’re able to guide children in both their academic and spiritual lives.
  • Magnet schooling – Teachers at magnet schools have a specific set of skills, because that’s what magnet schooling is all about. Magnet schools are public schools with specialized curricula. These teachers lend their expertise to programs such as fine arts, science and technology and career training to prepare their kids for their next steps.
  • Homeschooling – Don’t forget about the moms and dads who choose to educate their children at home! 1.7 million children are schooled by parents using traditional teaching methods as well as the newest developments in online learning.

Teachers in the United States have plenty of options when it comes to passing on their wisdom to the next generation. Take some time to thank a teacher this World Teachers Day for their hard work educating our nation’s children!

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