Father’s Day tends to get outshined by Mother’s Day pretty dramatically. Surveys and reports reveal that more people plan on buying gifts and spending more on those gifts during Mother’s Day. The National Retail Federation estimates we’ll spend about $7.8 billion more on mom than dad this year, even after record spending on Father’s Day.

So statistically speaking, we spend more on our moms than on our dads. But remember it is the thought that counts! You don’t necessarily have to spend much — or anything — to let dad know he’s appreciated this Sunday.

If you have young children, don’t just hand dad a gift “from” the kids this year. Get everyone involved and continue to build family and community bonds!

If you’re an adult planning a gift for dad, think about some quality-time activities.

Here are some ideas for Father’s Day activities and gifts that will bring everyone together!

  • Neighborhood Cookout – You can plan a backyard BBQ! Invite family, friends, or neighbors and celebrate all of the dads close to you! If dad will let you, take out the BBQ tongs and let him relax while you cook the meal. The little ones can help, too!
  • Chores – Lots of dads have long to-do lists around the house, so put a dent in that. Clean out the garage, cut the grass or take out the garbage. Whatever dad has on his list that he’s been putting it off, take it off his plate. The kids will start to learn the importance of responsibility and be encouraged to help family, friends and their community!
  • Buy local – You can find gift ideas all over the internet but don’t just get dad any cheap trinket you come across. Think through the things dad wants and what will be useful for him. Consider buying items from local markets and stores to promote local business and build up your community!
  • Something dad would have loved – For many, Father’s Day is a little difficult because dad is no longer here. But you can keep his memory alive by doing something he would have loved to do. Take a trip to the beach, go to a local restaurant he loved, spend time with family and his friends, or share your favorite stories about him!


Get started planning dad’s special day! Nothing will make him feel better than quality time with his friends and family!