Even the cook should get to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving.

Whether this is your first holiday as the cook or your tenth, here are a few last-minute tips and tricks on how to build a successful Thanksgiving plan.

Count Your Guests

First things first: How much food do you need to make? Will you have four people at the table or 20? How many table settings will you need? Should you cook more than one turkey?

Take a headcount before getting started so you’re not stuck last minute with too few spots at the table or servings to feed your guests.

Tailor Your Menu

Food allergies are common. Do you have a vegetarian or vegan in the family? Is someone allergic to dairy? Do you have alternatives for them to eat?

Adding a variety of dishes and tailoring your menu is an easy fix. The vegetarian might eat mac and cheese. Your guest who is allergic to dairy can eat turkey so long as the dressings are dairy free. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Guests can easily mix and match items and have plenty of food to eat, even if they cant partake in the main course. 

Ask for Help 

Don’t feel bad asking for help. Family and friends will be more than happy to take on assigned simple tasks to make the meal preparation quicker and easier.

For example, chopping vegetables or running to the store to get ice are small tasks that can make a big difference. Coming together and contributing to the meal is what Thanksgiving is all about!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Remember: the most important part of the holiday is enjoying the time with friends and family and being thankful. If things don’t work out exactly as you had planned, everyone is still bound to have a great time!