Americans for Prosperity Foundation Offices Miami
7311 NW 36th Street, Miami, FL, 33166

Prepare for the Oath! In America, we possess freedom and opportunity that is protected by our Constitution. It is important to understand these rights, and how they apply to everyday life. Join the LIBRE Institute & Bridge to Wellbeing in a 4-week orientation to prepare for the citizenship test and to learn about the foundations of freedom on which this country was founded! Certified instructors will go over USCIS civics material to prepare for the citizenship interview, in addition to highlighting the benefits of economic freedom and our right to continue to defend freedom.

¡Hazte Cuidadano! Preparese para tomar el examen de la ciudadania de EE.UU Un profesor Certificando Contestara todas las preguntas sobre civica e historia de las estados unidos que usted necesita para pasar el examen. Especialistas estaran presentes para ayudarte a llenar la solicitud de la ciuadadania estadounidense.