There are so many barriers that can stand in the way of your success. Many of those obstacles we put up ourselves– we don’t ask for help when we need it, we’re easily intimidated or we fight change.

But even the most confident, savvy, adventurous person finds roadblocks along the way.

Sometimes we come upon barriers that are mostly out of our control – external barriers. These obstacles include a whole range of things that prohibit us from bettering our lives. For example:

  • Finances – We all struggle with this barrier. Getting ahead can be the most daunting obstacle to our success. We face the high cost of health care, property and income taxes and increasing prices during trade wars. Each of these issues affects us on a real and personal level.
  • Work – Going hand-in-hand with finances, finding good, meaningful work can be a major barrier. Regulatory requirements limit job opportunities for those looking for entry-level jobs. For those who may have a criminal record, opportunities are even fewer, as many companies won’t consider applicants with criminal histories.

So how do we overcome these external barriers that are seemingly out of our control?

We can start by addressing our internal struggles and working on ourselves. Is money tight? Learn to create a budget and better allocate what you have. Search for jobs with fewer licensing requirements.

We can also advocate breaking down external barriers for everyone. We can call for more job opportunities and innovation to drive down costs of products. Embracing new ideas and putting our effort into causes can have a ripple effect on those around us.

Overcoming external barriers starts with overcoming internal barriers. Learn more from Bridge to Wellbeing.