It is becoming increasingly popular to “cut the cord” on cable subscriptions. Viewers who are watching TV the old-fashioned way spend an average of $100 on their monthly cable bill. That’s a lot of money compared to most alternatives.

If you’re thinking of shrinking the size of your cable bill, there are typically options for saving more money that don’t require canceling your service. If those options don’t work for you, don’t worry—there is an innovative, growing market for affordable cable alternatives.

Entrepreneurs in the entertainment business are making it more convenient and effective to stream your favorite shows and programs at a low cost. Thanks to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and countless other services, the high prices and poor customer service of cable companies are becoming a thing of the past.

Be Realistic When Picking Your Cable Package

How much TV do you watch? Are you really going to watch 1,000 different channels? It’s easy to get excited about the premium cable package with tons of channels and features, but in reality, the average American adult only watches about 20 channels. There’s no reason to waste money on 500 channels if you only watch a handful of go-to favorites.

Ditch the DVR

If you missed your favorite show, it’s likely on-demand the next day or streamed online. If you miss the news, most stations post segments online. Trading in your DVR for a standard digital receiver could trim $10 or more off your monthly bill—saving you more than $100 a year!

Amazon Prime-it

For $99 per year (roughly $8.25 per month), you can subscribe to Amazon Prime to receive free 2-day shipping on all eligible product orders as well as stream movies, shows and music.

You can save lots of money by simply streaming local and national news online and supplementing this with Amazon movies and shows for entertainment. This way, you can cut the cord on your cable bill and save money without sacrificing your favorite show. 

Say “Goodbye” to Cable Altogether

There are lots of alternatives to cable if you are unsatisfied with the price or quality (maybe a little bit of both) of your service. Subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu start as low as $7.99 per month. If your favorite show happens to be produced by HBO, you can try their streaming service, HBO Now, for about $15/month. Even if you end up combining multiple services to get all your favorite programs, you’re still likely to save money!

You can also try options like SlingTV or DirecTV Now. Both services offer access to live and on-demand TV without all the extra fees of cable.  

The best part is, many of these options offer trial periods. This will allow you to shop around and be the judge of what the best fit for you is!

Sit Back and Relax

Whether you decide to just shrink your bill or ditch it all together, there is definitely not a shortage of news or shows available—new streaming services and programs are being developed every year. Take some time to figure out what works best for you, and enjoy the show!

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