Mike Vrabel is a former professional football player, a three-time Super Bowl champion, and the head coach of the Tennessee Titans. He’s built a 20-year football career on his knowledge of the game and the ability to read plays. 

But reading plays on the field is not the only reading Vrabel is a pro at.

These days, when he isn’t on the sidelines coaching his team, Vrabel can be found promoting the power of reading to elementary students around the country.

As part of this week’s Read Across America Day, Vrabel and three Titans joined the Paragon Mills Elementary School in Nashville to read books to students. The event was meant to entertain the kids and show them that their favorite athletes make it a priority to read and learn.

Vrabel has been sharing the value of books with young students for years. With the help of a few of his former teammates from Ohio State University, he built the Second and Seven Foundation, a non-profit focused on literacy. The foundation provides free books to children and classrooms and shows students the importance of reading through their role models.

Since its small beginnings in Ohio, Second and Seven has grown to provide more than 300,000 books to kids in need. The foundation’s “Tackling Illiteracy” program has placed student-athletes in classrooms around the country to provide young kids with positive role models. Second and Seven even created its own book series that it distributes to kids and classrooms.

It would be easy to sit back and enjoy the rewards of a football career, but Vrabel and his Titans aren’t satisfied with sitting still. They’ve joined the ranks of hundreds of athletes in every sport who use their resources, passions, and gifts to give back to those around them, and boost up their local school systems. 

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