Easter is just around the corner, and time is running out to get ready. Families all around the world will come together on Sunday to attend church services, eat together, dig through Easter baskets and hunt down hidden Easter eggs.   

Here are a few tips for to ensure you have a fun, happy, and healthy Easter celebration:  

Keep a look out for sales – If you’re hosting Easter lunch or dinner, make sure you’re getting the best deals on food. Grocery stores have been preparing Easter sales for weeks, so do your research on where you’ll find the best prices on everything from Easter ham to Peeps!  

Meal Prep – If you’ll be going to church in the morning, prepping your meal ahead of time will save lots of time and stress on Sunday. Lots of Easter staples can be cooked ahead of time and heated up later, or even prepared in a crock pot to cook while you’re out.  

Themed food – Everyone loves those pictures and videos of cute Easter food shaped like eggs and bunnies. There are tons of fun and healthy ideas for Easter snacks using fruits and veggies as well as sweets that kids and grownups alike will love. 

Plan out your travel – For those who’ll be on the road instead of hosting Easter, make sure you’re planning a quick but safe trip. Allow extra time for traffic as the roads will be filled with other travelers. Pack your own snacks for the car to cut down on fast food stops. Research your route to avoid getting lost and even calculate your gas usage so you’re prepared.  

Try out new projects – Not all Easter eggs have to be dyed using the same old methods from childhood. There are dozens of fun ways to decorate eggs using things around the house such as tissue paper, shaving cream, food coloring, string and even spices you already have!  

Take time to enjoy family – Whether you’re celebrating the Resurrection or the coming of spring or just time spent with your loved ones, don’t forget to enjoy the celebration you’ve put together. Prepare what you can, enlist the help of others when you need it and celebrate together with your guests.  

It doesn’t have to be difficult to maintain a fun and healthy lifestyle while enjoying a celebration with your loved ones. You can take control of your Easter with healthy food options, safe travels and great bargains!