For over twenty years, Americans for Prosperity Foundation has been educating and training citizens to be advocates for freedom, producing real change on the local, state, and national level.

There is a direct link between the freedoms that people enjoy and their overall quality of life, but it can be hard to live free in a struggling economy with so much regulation and red tape. How can I make ends meet or put food on the table for my family? How do I know my child is receiving a good education?

In early 2015, The Bridge to Wellbeing launched to meet the needs of communities looking to live happier, healthier, more successful lives. We partnered with businesses, non-profits, and local leaders to build communities and help people apply the principles of freedom within their daily lives, inspiring them to pursue success on their own terms.

The Bridge to Wellbeing was started to help people take steps towards their dreams using their own ingenuity—and it’s working.

Since we started, we’re seeing more and more successes from hosting over 360 events in six states and helping over 12,000 people be on their way to living their dreams.

Happiness and wellbeing: they rest in the endless opportunities created by freedom—free countries, free societies, and free people—enabling you to be the best version of yourself while helping others at the same time.

Your life is yours; own it.