Happy independence week!  On July 4, we celebrate our country’s birthday. On that hot summer day in 1776, fifty-six men challenged tyranny by signing their name to the Declaration of Independence. Thousands would stand up to make good on that declaration by fighting the British in the fields and woods that surrounded the colonists’ homes. They were ordinary farmers, tradesmen, lawyers and soldiers, but their actions would change the course of history.  


The British military was far more powerful than the Continental Army and appeared to be winning at several points during the war. But the colonists faith in a just cause can be a more powerful force than anything man creates.  


Seemingly ordinary people can do extraordinary things with freedom on their side. Free people can defeat tyrants, overturn oppression and lessen inequality. Free people can raise their children, practice their religions, build their businesses and live the American Dream in peace with those around them. Free people can create, innovate, contribute and prosper unlike any other. 


The lesson we can take on this 242nd Independence Day is that freedom prevails when “ordinary” people are willing to protect it. If we are free, we can accomplish nearly anything.