School is almost out for the summer. That means lots of free time for the kids.

All that free time is begging to be filled with fun activities, especially for the little ones. The cost of all those activities may be daunting and leave you thinking the kids may be watching tv on the couch for most of summer.

How do you plan for an active, fun summer for your kids that also doesn’t break the bank? 

Check out your local library. There’s so much more to the library than just books. Many libraries offer story times and programs for kids that keep them learning and reading about topics that are interesting to them. Plus you can borrow books, movies and music to keep the kids entertained at home as well.

Search for attractions in your hometown. Check out a museum, park or historical site the kids have never seen. Create a scavenger hunt to make it more fun and keep them engaged. They’ll stay active and busy and not even know they’re learning at the same time!

Look for coupons and deals. Businesses are looking for ways to keep your kids busy too, so take advantage of that. Many movie theaters offer family movies at discounts. Companies like Bass Pro Shop and Home Depot offer projects and activities. Barnes & Noble and Chuck E. Cheese’s are a few of the many companies that offer rewards to kids for reading. Keep an eye out for free and discounted offerings that your kids will love.

Teach the kids to cook. This one might not be so easy, but it will definitely be a fun family experience. Pick some budget-friendly meals and pass on your cooking and baking skills. Kids of any age can help in the kitchen with different tasks that fit their skills and they’ll love trying foods they’ve created.

Spend the day at the park or beach. This idea is probably the simplest but just as fun! Pack a picnic, grab a frisbee or a soccer ball and take the kids to the park or the beach. You may have to pay to park at the beach, so keep that in mind. Aside from parking costs, days at the beach or park are relatively cheap and endless amounts of fun.

There’s plenty to do this summer that won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you can track down the deals and get creative. You can stay on budget while keeping your kids active, learning, while also spending quality time with them.

Talk to us! How can we help you connect with your kids and give them a fun, low-cost summer?