Keeping your credit score high and your credit in good standing can be difficult, but it’s necessary. We need good credit if we want to take out a loan to make a large purchase like a car or home. But there are many more reasons to keep your credit score in good standing. Landlords, potential employers, cell phone providers and car insurers may also check your credit score when deciding to do business with you. 

Using a credit card responsibly will help you build your credit and keep your score high. Above all else, that means trying not to rack up high credit card debt and paying the monthly bill on time. Credit card companies send out pre-approved cards and notices all the time to entice customers, but it’s important that you do lots of research into which card is best for you. 

When you’re researching credit cards, you can’t be too thorough. You’ll want to look at what the company charges in fees as well as interest rates. Lower fees and rates will help you manage your balance and pay on time.  

Plenty of websites allow you to compare credit cards so you know who offers the best rates and lowest fees as well as the perks some cards offer — though the perks shouldn’t be the primary reason to choose a certain card.  

Good credit will help you succeed. Make sure you’re doing all the research you can and realign your spending habits to fit the goal of building your credit. Pay your bill on time, and occasionally shop around to see if you can find a better deal.