Our Foundation consists of a team of people from all different backgrounds, beliefs, and styles. We all come together to help spread freedom because we believe free countries, free societies, and free people give everyone the best opportunities to pursue happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

Our Team

Aldira Aldape Outreach Director, WI

Aldira Aldape is the Wisconsin Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Aldira is the daughter of Mexican-Texan migrant parents who arrived in Wisconsin in 1968 to pursue the American Dream by becoming homeowners.

A strong member of her community, Aldira currently holds a seat on the Equal Rights Commission for the City of Milwaukee and can always be found volunteering throughout the city. Prior to joining the Foundation, Aldira served as the Wisconsin Field Director for The LIBRE Initiative.

Angelette Aviles Program Manager

Angelette Aviles is the Program Manager for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. She concentrates on programming for the Hispanic market. Although graduating with a degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida, her entrepreneurial mindset instilled by her family has led her to lead a PR and branding agency as well as own two successful cakeries that were later sold. Aviles was a Gubernatorial Appointee for the Early Learning Coalition Board of Hillsborough County (FL). In 2008, Angelette received the Up & Comers Award (40 under 40) given by the Tampa Bay Business Journal for dedication and growth in the business and civic community. In 2015, she was appointed by Maryland's Governor Hogan to serve on the Commission of Hispanic Affairs and later, added columnist to her resumé for the Capital Gazette | Baltimore Sun Group.

James Booker Outreach Director, TX

James Booker is the Texas Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. James first joined Americans for Prosperity in March of 2014. Prior to joining AFP and AFPF, he served as a medic in the Army, in Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.) and as a Regional Account & Sales Manager for a lab company resulting in over 35 years of serving our nation and local communities. James is a retired U.S. Army veteran with 20 years of service. James is married to his lovely first lady Tina and they are blessed with four children and five grand-children.

Jeandelize Burgos Outreach Director, FL

Jeandelize serves as one of the Florida Outreach Directors for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Jeandelize worked as a Field Director for The Libre Initiative. Her most current role as Outreach Director with American for Prosperity Foundation, has given her the opportunity to mesh her love for community building and her love of people.

Born in Puerto Rico, her passion for language and people pushed her to complete a Bachelors of Arts in English and Multicultural Studies at Southern University. Jeandelize also attended Regent University’s Robertson School of Government, where she completed a Masters in International Politics and Public Administration.

Pia Clarke Foundation Program Manager

Pia Clarke manages programs and partnerships for Bridge to Wellbeing at AFP Foundation. Pia’s passion for helping people improve their lives started at a very young age, pushing her to find opportunities to serve in her own and surrounding communities. In her spare time, Pia can be found mentoring young girls in the DC area, exploring new places to eat, or spending quality time with friends and family.

Stpehen Coats Outreach Director, FL

Stephen Coats is one of the Florida Outreach Directors for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He focuses his efforts on the Hispanic community in the Tampa area. Originally from Atlanta, Stephen found passion in the Latino culture from a very young age. He studied Spanish for years in order to fulfill his dreams of traveling to and developing communities in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

Upon his return to the United States, Stephen has been motivated by the stories he witnessed first-hand of Latinos striving for freedom. He now works with Bridge to Wellbeing creating programs to educate about economic freedom. In his free time, he is a passionate cook and baker – ¡buen provecho!

Danielle Cyr Senior Outreach Director

Danielle Cyr is a Senior Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Danielle grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She is a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University, where she studied government and played varsity softball. Prior to this role, Danielle served as a Field Director and Grassroots Director in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In her free time, Danielle is a foodie, podcast enthusiast, and proud older sister.

Justin DeHart Outreach Director, VA

Justin DeHart is the Virginia Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, where in 1910 where his great grandfather started a little bicycle shop called Agee’s Bicycles. The shops are still beloved by family and friends today.

Justin has a strong passion for helping others and his community. The moment that changed him--

Justin was volunteering at a beautiful ministry for single mothers and a little boy, who’s story included tough times no one should bear, prayed:

“God thank you for my mom who loves me so much and takes care of me, and God, can you take care of the whole world tonight?” Justin joins the same wide-eyed, complete-faith, and daring people in taking on the trouble of the whole world.

Three of Justin’s favorite words are: curious, cautious, and hopeful.

Ali Ennenga Outreach Director, NM

Ali Ennenga is the New Mexico Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. She has loved the people and culture of New Mexico since the moment she arrived 26 years ago. Her passion for teaching led her back to school at the age of 45, where she earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (top of her class) while working full-time as a paralegal. Ali taught in Special Education for seven years but felt she could help more students and parents outside of the classroom.

Based on a desire to become more active in her community, she recently co-founded a non-profit organization - the New Mexico Education Improvement Project. She is a wife, an entrepreneur, a former School Board candidate, an activist, and a mentor to teens.

Vanessa Faura Outreach Director, NC

Vanessa Faura serves as the North Carolina Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Since migrating to the U.S. from Lima, Peru when she was just 7-years-old, Vanessa has had a passion for education and serving her community. Prior to joining Americans for Prosperity Foundation, Vanessa served as the Eastern Region Coalitions Coordinator for The LIBRE Initiative and spent seven years working for Wells Fargo Bank in wholesale finance.

Her position as a wife, student, mother, entrepreneur, community activist, former candidate for public office, and proud leader in the Hispanic community made her uniquely qualified to be named Person of the Year by Norsan Media’s Hola Noticias in December 2013.

Glori Foster Program Coordinator

Glori Foster is a Program Coordinator with Americans for Prosperity Foundation. In this role, she puts the message of Bridge to Wellbeing into words. Originally from New Hampshire, Glori now lives in Falls Church, Virginia. Prior to this role, Glori has worked in curriculum development, community outreach, and biological research. Outside of work, Glori can be found exploring Northern Virginia or sipping a Chai latte in the nearest café.

Fernando Gonzales Outreach Director, AZ

Fernando Gonzales is the Arizona Outreach Director for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to working for the Foundation, he spent 40 years volunteering for Social Service organizations, law enforcement, and ministry. As a first-generation immigrant from Mexico, he understands the powerful combination of hard work and freedom. When he isn’t spreading these principles of responsibility and freedom for the Foundation, he volunteers in his community, namely as a member of the Board of Character and Fitness for the Supreme Court, and is involved with an orphanage in Mexico that supports children in need.

Rachael Jensen

Rachael Jensen Outreach Director, FL

Rachael Jensen serves as one of the Florida Outreach Directors for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Rachael worked with Generation Opportunity as a Field Director in Orlando, Florida. Rachael is extremely passionate about freedom and how it can change the lives of those in need. Her work with the Bridge to Wellbeing program allows her to touch on her passion everyday.

Eric Johnson Outreach Director, GA

Eric Johnson serves as the Georgia Outreach Director for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, he worked as a Field Associate for Americans for Prosperity, owned a shuttle service business, worked as a legal assistant and was an events coordinator for Marriott. As he goes about making an impact in the communities he loves, Eric is inspired by Maya Angelou’s words, “People will forget what you do; and people will forget what you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” When he isn’t working to spread freedom for the Foundation, he enjoys fishing and volunteering as a Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America and his church.

Alexandra King

Alexandra King Senior Outreach Director

Alexandra King serves as a Senior Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. She was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in December of 2012 before being called out to the mountains of Colorado. Prior to her role with Americans for Prosperity Foundation, Alex worked in fundraising and development. When Alex is not trying to help better the lives of those served through the foundation you can find her immersing herself in the local music scene in Denver.

Henry Kriegel Outreach Director, MT

Henry Kriegel is the Montana Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. A graduate of Columbia University, he has called Montana home for over 25 years. Previously, Henry owned a national marketing firm and hosted a talk radio show for 11 years. Prior to moving to Montana, Henry spent five years as Executive Director of two organizations that provided public relations support, as well as medical and humanitarian relief to those suffering from man-made or natural disasters. Inspired in large part by his parents’ legacy, Henry’s passion is promoting freedom as the pathway to a better quality of life and the American Dream. Henry enjoys hiking, fishing, photography and basketball. When not at work he is often in the backcountry trails in his adopted state of Montana—Big Sky Country.

Juan Martinez Outreach Director, FL

Juan Martinez is one of the Florida Outreach Directors for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He concentrates on the Hispanic community in Central Florida. Originally from Puerto Rico, he came to Florida to attend Le Cordon Bleu Academy. During his time at Le Cordon Bleu, he became a culinary chef and hospitality expert. After serving 10 years in the Orlando hospitality industry, he set out on the quest to open his own restaurant but became frustrated by the bureaucracy and regulations business owners have to overcome just to get started. This inspired him to become active in the community and he soon became involved with The Libre Initiative, first as a volunteer and short time later as the Orlando Field Director. His wife and two children are very supportive of his work and will often join him at various community events.

Lindsay Matlock

Lindsay Matlock Senior Director

Lindsay Matlock directs the activity of the Bridge to Wellbeing program at Americans for Prosperity Foundation. In this role, she turns big visions into tactical plans.

Lindsay is a native Tennessean and grew up on a farm that has been in her family for 7 generations. From a young age, she worked in her family’s small business and learned that only through economic freedom can individuals, businesses, and communities strive for their vision of the American Dream.

Prior to joining AFP Foundation in 2012, she served as the Political Director of the Susan B. Anthony List. Lindsay and her dog, Gilbert, can usually be found on an airplane or stalking ducks.

Roy Mendoza Outreach Director, TX

Roy currently serves as a Texas Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Roy brings over 20 years of corporate, financial and small business consulting experience with cross functional experience in operations, management and marketing. Roy’s expertise in the US Latino market is accentuated via a major corporation multi-year nationwide study of the US Latino market. This insight led to the creation and hosting of a 3 part infomercial series and live call in radio show in Spanish broadcast in San Antonio on financial planning for Hispanics.

Roy has created numerous successful marketing and outreach campaigns including training programs for major corporations to effectively reach Hispanic Americans. Roy previously served as the AFP Coalitions Director for Texas and Faith Pillar Manager for the LIBRE Institute. Roy also served as the National Director of Chapters for the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders. Roy’s passion is to educate, enlighten and empower our Hispanic American community to comprehend and protect the freedoms we enjoy in our free society. Roy is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas with a BBA in International Business.

Misty Odell Outreach Director, NC

Misty serves as the North Carolina Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to the Foundation, Misty served as a Field Director for Americans for Prosperity where she represented the organization by speaking at local events for recruitment and educational purposes. Misty has been involved in her community serving on the City of Durham Human Relations Commission, board member of Holt Athletic Association, Port Warwick Art Foundation, past president of Port Warwick Merchants Association, and former trustee on the Hampton Roads Country Day School. She has a B.S. in chemistry and completed her graduate work in organic chemistry at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Joshua Raimundo Outreach Director, VA

Joshua Raimundo serves as one of the Virginia Outreach Directors for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Born to bilingual parents, Josh has lived in Northern Virginia among English and Spanish-speaking communities for more than 15 years. Committed to human development, communication, and knowledge, Josh has been pursuing a science education degree since 2014.

What truly motivates him is positively impacting the lives of others through truth and relationship. AFPF offers him the opportunity to do just that, all while spreading the message of freedom... which makes Josh pretty excited!

In his free time, Josh spends time serving in church, finishing his science degree, and playing music.

Laura Regensburg Foundation Communications & Marketing Manager

Laura Regensburg serves as the Communications & Marketing Manager for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. In this role, she develops messaging for Bridge to Wellbeing programming and supports Foundation efforts in promoting a free and open society. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked as a program director for Georgetown University. Laura holds a Bachelor's from University of South Carolina and a Master's in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from Georgetown University. When she is not at work, Laura is an avid runner.

Ivan Rubio

Ivan Rubio Foundation Operations Manager

Ivan Rubio is Operations Manager with Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Prior to this role, Ivan was the Operations Assistant in Florida for The LIBRE Initiative supporting the field team’s efforts to spread the benefits of economic freedom and a free society. Outside of work, Ivan is an avid book reader and online math tutor. Ivan was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL alongside three siblings.

Travis Rusko Outreach Director, PA

Travis Rusko is the Pennsylvania Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Before joining AFPF, Travis spent over seven years as a state-side missionary working with teenagers followed by three years in the insurance world. Travis and his wife Brittany live about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a rural community. They have a son (Jeremiah) and just had a baby girl, Ainsley!

Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Sanchez Senior Outreach Director

Andrew J. Sanchez is a Senior Outreach Director at Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Andrew works to build programs that empower individuals to lead more prosperous lives and ultimately achieve their American Dream. Prior to joining AFPF, Andrew served as the Deputy National Field Director for The LIBRE Initiative where he managed community building and grassroots strategy in the U.S Hispanic community. Andrew currently resides in Denver, CO.

Josh Shi Outreach Director, CO

Josh Shi is the Colorado Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He is a certified Academic Life Coach and a seasoned entrepreneur who loves the challenge and exhilaration of building ideas into realization. Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with honors, as well as a Signature Leadership certificate.

He enjoys mentoring young leaders and has guided numerous students through earning a degree, planning a career, and achieving a well-lived life.

Forest Thigpen Outreach Director, MS

Forest Thigpen is the Mississippi Outreach Director for Americans for Prosperity Foundation. A native of Mississippi, Forest spent 10 years in Washington, DC, on the staff of a U.S. Senator; and 25 years in Jackson as President of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, a free-market think tank. In his church in Northern Virginia and again in Jackson, Forest has been involved in launching ministries for the underserved and elderly. He has long had a passion for crossing racial, partisan, and other artificial lines that unnecessarily divide people.

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