After several warm months of vacation and camp schedules, it can be a process getting your family back in the swing of the Monday through Friday routine. Now that last long week of summer (Labor Day) is over, and all the kiddos are back to school, there are a couple of things you and your children can do that will help you prepare for a successful school year.

Stick to a Routine

Interrupting your summer routine is one of the toughest changes to make as your family starts the school year. Summer schedules make it easy to sleep in late or catch an afternoon nap, but now that the kids are back in the classroom, these plans are only an option on the weekends (and even then, only if you’re lucky!).

Develop and stick to a routine that will successfully transition you into the new school year.  Make sure the entire family goes to bed at a decent time each night and wakes up a little early each morning. This way, you and the kids are getting plenty of sleep and have ample time to get ready on those early school mornings. Being sleepy is the last thing you and your kids should worry about as the new school year starts.

Organize a Calendar or Planner 

Looking ahead towards this year’s big events can help take a load off your back. Forgetting a big school recital and being forced to make plans and invite family last minute can be stressful. Setting up a calendar will help your family look forward and manage day-to-day tasks.

Doctor’s appointments, sports practices, birthday parties and many other events are all worth scribbling into your daily planner. Lots of personal planners have places for grocery lists and weekly notes, too! Read this post for ideas about how to set up your personal planner or organizer.

Set Goals for the Year 

Once you have your calendar set up, it’s easier to think about long-term, bigger picture planning outside your weekly family events. What do you hope to accomplish this season? Do your kids have goals for this school year? Do they want to try a new school sport or make new friends? Take the time to reflect on last school year, and plan ahead for this one.

Take note of your goals. Write them somewhere you can remember. Then, at the end of the year, go back and read what you wrote in September. Did you stick to your goals? Did your goals change in the last 9 months? This is good practice for the beginning of every school year, so start now!

With a healthy routine in place and an organized calendar in hand, you will easily accomplish your goals. Remember to stay positive and be optimistic that this year will be better than the last one!

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