Bozeman, MT-  Last month, more than 150 people attended a one-of-a-kind Bridge to Wellbeing event, a one-man performance of “Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass.”   The performance was based almost entirely on the original words penned by Frederick Douglass, and was conducted by Fred Morsell, a professional actor who performs throughout the nation and has been featured on PBS’ Bill Moyers Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other major media outlets.

Frederick Douglass was a champion for freedom, as an American abolitionist and a very early proponent for women’s suffrage and individual rights.  He was called “the conscience of the nation.” Douglass credits his freedom in large part to his education, his ability to read and write and his ability to speak up and speak out.   His rise from slavery to leader of the abolitionist movement shows that men and women have the innate ability to overcome any challenge placed before them, to learn the skills necessary for success, and to live a life worth living.

Here at Bridge to Wellbeing, we know that freedom is the foundation for opportunity and wellbeing. This is why we hold educationalworkshops and programs like this one by partnering with organizations throughout the state to serve many low-income communities, as well as youth and student groups. “Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass” was a celebration of both Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and National School Choice week. The event was held at Petra Academy in Bozeman,MT, a privately funded classical Christian K-12 school, and proceeds from suggested donations were directed entirely to ACE Scholarship—Montana, a program that rewards funds to families and students who financially and academically qualify.

School choice, as Montana Outreach Director Henry Kriegel stated, promotes educational excellence. “Where there is competition, be it in the marketplace or in education, there is innovation and increased performance.”

“Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass” demonstrates the importance of educational freedom and  “inspires you to be a champion and hero in your own life, your family and our community,” Kriegel said as he introduced the program.

At our programs across the state—whether on Goal Setting, Healthy Eating, or Choosing a Vocational Trade–we share knowledge and help individuals develop the skills they need to pursue their version of the American Dream and experience greater individual freedom. Along with Petra Academy and ACE Scholarship Fund—Montana,  we’ve worked closely with Montana Rescue Mission, Friendship House, Montana Future Farmers of America, EMERGE Montana; and this year, the Montana Youth Challenge Academy.

We invite you to join us at an event near you, develop a greater understanding of the value of freedom, and follow in the steps of Frederick Douglass to become a leader in your community and state.


Written by: Henry Kriegel, MT Outreach Director