Have a couple spare hours every week and need some extra cash? Whether you need help with rent, a car payment or just some supplemental spending money, a part-time income can be convenient and useful.

A side-hustle doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are tons of mobile apps that let you make money from your couch at home! Some of our suggestions don’t require leaving the house, while others provide services through apps that offer hourly wages significantly higher than minimum wage and could serve as a substantial part-time or full-time job.

Have Little Time, but a Lot to Say? Take Surveys!

There are a ton of paid survey sites out there. It’s important to be wary of scams, but there are plenty of online reviews to help you discern which apps are legit and which ones you should quit. Survey apps are a super easy way to make money by simply answering questions about yourself and products or services you use. Companies pay websites to use your feedback as marketing research, and then the websites pay you for your participation. It’s a win-win!

Outgrown Some Things in Your Closet? Sell Them.

Do some spring cleaning and sell your old clothes on an app. Your closet will be clean, and your wallet will be full. Especially if you have gently-used designer clothes, apparel resale apps are a good way to make money back on your previous purchases. Letgo and Poshmark come highly recommended. 

Run Someone Else’s Errands

Apps like TaskRabbit facilitate exchanges between customers and “taskers,” users who have identified their skills, availability and task rates. If you sign up as a tasker, you can select tasks like holding a place in line for someone or cleaning or decorating for a party and earn money for it. The rate you charge for a task is between you and the other user—so you are totally in control of your work!

Walk Dogs for Money!

There are a few apps out there that will let you get paid to walk dogs. It’s like Uber, but with puppies. It’s a convenient way to make money while hanging out with cute dogs…all you need is your phone and some walking shoes!

Freelance Your Way to a Paycheck

Websites like Tispr and UpWork are great for freelancing. Through these websites, you can work with customers to exercise your talents and get paid for a skill or service. These websites host graphic designers, nutritionists, accountants and other types of businesspeople who sell their services and manage their own work—all through one site. Whether you choose to make your account a full-time position, part-time or only every few months, freelance gigs like these are a productive and convenient way to money from your phone!

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