This week is National Small Business Week, recognizing and celebrating businesses and entrepreneurs that make up our communities. We all know a local or small business around us that makes our lives better in some way – a coffee shop that knows your “usual,” a local hardware store with exactly what you need, a veteran-owned moving company or any number of unique businesses that meets the needs of your community.

Lots of these small businesses feel close and personal to us, but they are a large piece of the backbone of America’s economy. Here are some quick facts about small business in America:

  1. There are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States.
  2. Those businesses employ more than 57 million people.
  3. 48 percent of private-sector employees work for a small business.
  4. Entrepreneurs help to create two out of three new jobs in the United States.

Small businesses are the engine that keep our economy running. But small business isn’t only invaluable because of the money.

  • Small businesses fill local community needs.
  • Local businesses know their customers well and can innovate according to their needs.
  • Businesses create a sense of community pride and purpose for their employees.

Small businesses are an essential part of our economy and our communities. Learn more about how you can support and contribute to local entrepreneurs!