Hunting for a job can be rewarding but does require a lot of time and effort.

Depending on your profession, you may encounter some hurdles before you can pursue your dream job. Even with these added obstacles, it is important to stay positive! Staying educated on your local county and state regulations can help you achieve your career aspirations.

Across the country, state and local occupational licensing laws have been put in place with the intention of protecting consumers. Unfortunately, even though initially well-intentioned, these regulations can negatively effect job-seekers.

Licensing laws can make opening certain businesses cost- and time-prohibitive.

One profession that is restricted by occupational license requirements is the landscaping industry.

What Do Tree Trimmers and Landscapers Need to Know About Licensing? 

Thinking about opening or joining a tree trimming or landscaping business?

To start work as a tree trimmer or landscaper, several states have licensing laws requiring prospective workers to complete minimum training periods, meet exam requirements and pay fees to the state.

Regulations vary by state, with some states having more regulations than others. It’s important to look up the type of licensing your state requires before pursuing a career there.

Tree trimming and landscaping have similar job duties, but different licensing requirements.

Tree Trimmer Landscaper
  • An average state license costs $180
  • Two exams required
  • The most rigorous licensing requires a four-year degree in forestry or a related field
  • The average state license costs $117
  • One exam required
  • The most rigorous licensing requires four years of education and apprenticeship

If you dream of launching your own tree trimming or landscaping business next summer, be sure to check with your county and state as not all require licenses.

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