There are just a few short weeks left before the deadline to file your state and federal taxes. Are you ready?! 

Federal tax reform passed at the end of last year has been an incredible boost to the economy and has lowered tax rates for millions of people.  

But don’t forget, those changes aren’t going to be reflected when you prepare your taxes for 2017. Hold on for one more year to see what the changes will be from a year of lower rates and a doubled standard deduction.  

As for this year, filing taxes is business as usual and hopefully will result in a large refund!  

Make sure you’re gathering all the relevant information you’re going to need – W-2s, loan documents, retirement fund information, property tax and mortgage documents and medical bills.  

And, of course, don’t forget about your receipts so you can itemize! 

Remember that you can also deduct charitable gifts you gave over the year – so make sure you kept track of money you gave to your church, clothes you donated to Goodwill or gifts to your favorite cause.  

Luckily, there’s lots of help out there for filers. You can file federal and state taxes for free with a number of different companies. You can also visit a local accountant or use the Internal Revenue Service website.   

If you stay organized and informed, you should be able to head towards April 15 with confidence! 

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