In a recent blog, we highlighted the remarkable story of Mercedes, one of the many volunteers who help share our message of freedom and prosperity for all with communities around the country.

After losing her job in 2011, Mercedes responded by pursuing her American Dream as an entrepreneur and opening a paint bar and art gallery. Since opening her first location, Mercedes has been able to open two studios, a mobile business, and a seasonal location, allowing her to pursue her other passion more freely; namely, giving back to her community. But achieving her goal of starting a business wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

If anyone understands the value of hard work, it’s Mercedes. She faced countless setbacks and challenges, but never gave in to doubt or discouragement, instead relying on three traits that are critical to success as an entrepreneur. If fact, these keys are relevant to reaching any goal!


No matter what your version of the American Dream looks like, you and everyone else deserve the freedom and opportunity to succeed. That’s why we love stories like Mercedes’, because they’re a great example of what can happen when people are free to pursue their goals and dreams without interference. Together with a little patience and persistence, that freedom can result in real, positive change in neighborhoods, communities and cities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the keys to success and how to become an entrepreneur, or in finding more tips on creating the American Dream for yourself, look for a class near you, and be sure to visit our blog regularly for new posts that offer informative ways to take charge of your life!