The holistic approach to medicine involves examining and treating the whole person – not just the physical symptoms but the outside or emotional contributors as well. Holistic medicine stresses a life of balance to maintain one’s well-being. 

Traditional and modern medicine is necessary, but there are concepts from holistic healing that are always good practice. Here are a few tips that keep your body and mind healthy. 

1.      Watch what you’re eating. Holistic healing and traditional medicine share this tip in common. To feel well and healthy, your body doesn’t just need fuel, it needs good fuel. This means balancing your diet with vitamin-rich foods that have lots of nutritional value. A holistic approach will take healthy eating even further by emphasizing which chemicals and substances you put into your body, and stressing more natural remedies. 

2.      Get some exercise. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t do your body any good. While we all love a good Netflix marathon, our bodies need to be put to work to thrive. That can take many forms, from hours at the gym to just making adjustments in your daily routine that include standing or walking more. Exercise is generally good for your body and usually for your mind, too! 

3.      Make time to relax. This is where the Netflix marathon might come in. Whatever you do to relax, making time to reset your mind helps more than you may think. Holistic healing encourages practices such as massage and various types of therapy to relax the body and calm the mind. Whether you’re the type to meditate or just set aside time to read or take a nap, time to quiet your mind and recharge can go pretty far. 

While there’s plenty of disagreement over methods of practicing medicine, activities that contribute to a sound body and mind will be beneficial to most people’s well-being. Swap out candy for fruit, take a walk or spend a few quiet minutes with a good book to try out these tips!