With fall in full swing, states and cities across the country are gearing up for elections. When life is busy and politics can be frustrating, it’s easy to treat voting like teenagers treat homework: getting to it eventually.

Casting your vote for not only National, but State and Local elections is an important part of what it means to be an American. Every person in our country has a special opportunity to voice their views on election day!

What Voting Means

When the United States won its independence, the founders understood they were starting something unique. A government where every person has an equal voice had never been tried before.

Before America, kings or military leaders made the decisions. At the time, it was crazy to think citizens could decide what was best for themselves without a king or queen.

Our founders risked their lives so that all Americans could be free. If citizens continue to actively engage and take the task of self-governance seriously, we can keep this special nation the way the founders intended. Voting is ultimately what sustains the American Dream!

Every Vote Counts

While it may seem like your vote is just a drop in the bucket, it’s true to say that every single vote matters. If you’re not convinced that a lot of elections come down to the wire, here are a few that were decided by a small number of votes:

  • In 1870, Democratic candidate R. Milton Speer defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Daniel J. Morrell for his seat in Congress by a mere 11 votes.


  • In 2002, Republican Ed Mitchell defeated his primary opponent Kevin Entze by a single vote.


  • In 2004, a school board election in Salt Lake City was also decided by one vote.


  • In 2011, an election for a council seat in North Las Vegas resulted in a tie. Both the first and second place candidates received 328 votes, so the race was decided by drawing cards

Every vote is valuable. Don’t forget that your opinion can make a big difference on election day!

Voting is you right as an American, don’t take it for granted! Voting is important to support the issues that matter to you but it’s also about doing what is right and taking part in the unique experience!

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